bleak052 – Fire To The Stars – Fire To The Stars

Artist: Fire To The Stars
Title: Fire To The Stars
1. Full Album (FLAC) (zip)
2. Full Album (MP3) (zip)
3. 01. Keep You Safe (mp3)
4. 02. Sunday (mp3)
5. 03. Wholesale Slaughter (mp3)
6. 04. Stay Down (mp3)
7. 05. Deluxer (mp3)
8. 06. Starting With M (mp3)

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Artist: Fire To The Stars
Title:Fire To The Stars
Media: audio
release status: available

Fire From The Stars is a collaboration project of six musicians, partly from Melbourne, partly from Stockholm. And six is also the number of tracks on their new release on Bleak.
Fire To The Stars is where heavily distorted walls of sound surrender to dreamlike melodies and candyfloss vocals – call it Shoegaze, call it Dream Pop – they are all and nothing of that. Fire To The Stars is where Lisa Gerrard, Birds Of Passage, My Bloody Valentine, Mazzy Star and Slowdive hang out to have a good time.