bleak020 – Erynnia – phantomsI0

Artist: Erynnia
Title: phantomsI0
1. full release (flac) (zip archive)
2. full release (ogg) (zip archive)
3. full release (mp3) (zip archive)
4. 01. Alice Irritabilis (mp3)
5. 02. I Leave (mp3)
6. 03. Blatant liaR (mp3)
7. 04. Bore You (mp3)
8. 05. Wacken (mp3)

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Artist: Erynnia
Media: audio
release status: available

PhantomsI0 is Erynnias first net release, and we are very happy to have it on Bleak!
Erynnia is an Austrian/Polish based artist, who has been creating her very unique mixture of dark atmospheric sounds and her incredibly distinctive voice for a couple of years now.

A suiting description of her music would be “apocalyptic blues” as someone did on the net, Erynnia is one of the many very interesting artists out of the “creative factory” Linz (Austria)…

Some of her songs can be understood as pop, sometimes, yet always with an evil grin – and from an unfamiliar perspective.

“At times her voice is accompanied by minimal instrumentation, at times she sings to herself, and sometimes manipulated everyday sounds, voices and sighs, technical errors and defects as well as unintentional recordings are finally merged into vast cascades of choirs and ghostly voices that accompany her singing.” (source:

“phantomsI0” is a complicated piece of music, covered in the candyfloss of an incredible voice.

artist link: Erynnia on Myspace

video preview:

cover photography by Philippe Gerlach