Open for submissions

Dear artists, Bleak is happy to receive your demos for distribution here as digital download, and to be featured on the Bleak Radio.

What we need for this are your actual tracks as mp3, best would be to link it in your message to us, use the contact form below to send us links to it.

Please refrain from linking to .zip archives, it’s a bit too risky for us to open arbitrary files.

Merch added

We have added a bunch of Bleak Shirts, using the nice and easy webshop thing from Spreadshirt.
There are a couple of great motives to choose from, and of course the Bleak logo.
It’s not that expensive, quality is usually quite good, and while we don’t earn much with it, it helps!

See the Merch section!

Bleak Records & Netlabel

Welcome to Bleak!

Still working on the new website, however, the store works, so you can already throw your money at us!

If you need to – contact us by putting the word “info” in front of an “at” symbol followed by the domain of this website, without the www of course.


Thank you.

Bernhard /