Fear Incorporated
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Fear Incorporated - Cloak And Dagger

10-track album (CD in special case)

Fear Incorporated formed in 2008.
Since then 3 albums a single and an EP have been released through various European record labels.

The debut album 'Sawney's Cave' was voted Mick Mercer's top album of 2011. The second album 'Phobos' reached number 14 in the European Alternative Charts in 2013 and stayed in the top 30 for nearly 3 months.
The third album 'Dark Carnival' sold out on its pressing and was a limited edition.
An EP is released Halloween 2015 'Sweeney Todd' from the forthcoming 'Cloak And Dagger' album Fear Incorporated have appeared also on several CD compilations and digital downloads and videos for some of the tracks have been featured on DVD.

The line up from Fear Incorporated has included members of the Sex Gang Children,Demented Are Go,Voodoo Bible and Exit Strategy.

William Westwater and Berywn Waddon are currently working on an album also with Dave Id Busaras from the Virgin Prunes which will be released in future.

CD in special DVD case
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