bleak021 – Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – The Slow Down Trickle Effect

Artist: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt
Title: The Slow Down Trickle Effect
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4. The Slow Down Trickle Effect (flac)
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Artist: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt
Title:The Slow Down Trickle Effect
Media: audio
release status: available

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, born in Chicago (USA), now living in Berlin, is a performance artist, musician and composer of experimental music. He developed the “Accidental Guitar” concept and was founding member of “Hildeguard”, “Accidental Music” and “The Return Of The Think Thing”.

His music has been released so far in Germany, Brasil, England, Belgium, Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Russia and the USA.
SDCM is also a member of (Electro Sushi) and the dance and theatre composer project Tradishion, together with Paul Hines, former member of Test Dept.
A decent list of his activities can be found on his MySpace profile – worth to check out, it is really impressive…

His music ranges from abstract soundscapes through live electronic performances to total noise, just as his release here, presented on Bleak:

“The Slow Down Trickle Effect” may appear as total noise at a first listen, but reveals hidden treasures while diving into it… feel free to play with your EQ, make this an interactive piece by manipulating in whatever way you can. It is more than rewarding!

This is a controversial piece of art, feel free to comment how you experience it!

SDCM on MySpace