bleak046 – Helio Tampax – Crime Scene Magick

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Artist: Helio Tampax
Title:Crime Scene Magick
Media: audio
release status: available

HELIO TAMPAX is the project of Riga/Latvia based Edmunds Fridvalds, born in 1971, and known for his work as writer and his musical projects as Showinist or Darba Dienests.

Influenced by punk and post punk aesthetics, he began his musical activities with many different projects in the early Nineties. After discovering electronic music and Industrial, he decided to rather stick to the electronic and experimental aspects of music, and visuals – being more interested in that as in punk rock music.

So he started experimenting with electronics, keeping provocation subtle in sound, lyrics, artwork and live performances, working with visuals, symbols of pop culture etc.

His process of creation is hermitic – Recording at home, with only little help of others, but a good portion of assitance by his wife, Angelica Fridvalde, who helps him recording synths and mouth harmonics, and also performs on stage at Helio Tampax live sets.