bleak006 – tonableitungsteiler – CYCLE A-F

Artist: tonableitungsteiler
Title: CYCLE A-F
1. full release (flac) (zip archive)
2. full release (ogg) (zip archive)
3. full release (mp3) (zip archive)
4. 01 CYCLE A Track1 (mp3 audio)
5. 02 CYCLE B Track1 (mp3 audio)
6. 03 CYCLE B Track2 (mp3 audio)
7. 04 CYCLE B Track3 (mp3 audio)
8. 05 CYCLE B Track4 (mp3 audio)
9. 06 CYCLE C Track1 (mp3 audio)
10. 07 CYCLE C Track2 (mp3 audio)
11. 08 CYCLE C Track3 (mp3 audio)
12. 09 CYCLE D Track1 (mp3 audio)
13. 10 CYCLE D Track2 (mp3 audio)
14. 11 CYCLE D Track3 (mp3 audio)
15. 12 CYCLE E Track1 (mp3 audio)
16. 13 CYCLE F Track1 (mp3 audio)
17. 14 CYCLE F Track2 (mp3 audio)
18. 15 CYCLE F Track3 (mp3 audio)
19. 16 CYCLE F Track4 (mp3 audio)
20. 17 CYCLE F Track5 (mp3 audio)
21. 18 CYCLE F Track6 (mp3 audio)
22. 19 CYCLE F Track7 (mp3 audio)
23. 20 CYCLE F Track8 (mp3 audio)
23. 20 CYCLE F Track9 (mp3 audio)

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Artist: tonableitungsteiler
Media: audio
release status: available

CYCLE A-F is a set of 4 sessions, experimenting with repetitions and loops, recorded in 2006.

tonableitungsteiler are Thomas Stuppi and Christian Burger, based in munich/germany.
they started to work together in 1995, not even as a musical project, but found out soon that their strength lies in improvised music. they rarely practice, often they would just record spontaniously, after a short exchange of ideas.

while recording their first two-track album, “strange noises demand strange people”, they found themselves in a trance-like state – a state the listener will easily be able to recognize while listening to their music in general.

their complete biography can be found on their homepage, more work from them can by found on their myspace profile.