bleak042 – Brownian Motion – More Culture Than A Pint Of Probiotics (Download – free, available

Artist: Brownian Motion
Title: More Culture Than A Pint Of Probiotics
1. More Culture Than A Pint Of Probiotics (full release, FLAC) (zip)
2. More Culture Than A Pint Of Probiotics (full release, MP3) (zip)

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Artist: Brownian Motion
Title:More Culture Than A Pint Of Probiotics
Media: audio
release status: available

Brownian Motion is the project of Eugene/Oregon based Walter Lapchynski.

Hacktivism, culture jamming, and other forms of noise. Working exclusively in the medium of information. Highly conceptual but not orchestrated. Brownian Motion as in random walk. Always free as in freedom.

After culturing a lust for fine effects pedals yet pining for the days when he could afford them, Walter Lapchynski, being the geeky sort, turned to his laptop to make noise. Given that it was already in his possession, it was the more DIY approach, anyways. Using a trusty PowerBook, Audio Hijack Pro and lots of VST/AU/LADSPA plug-ins, he set out to take readily available sound sources and make something out of them.

On 4 September 2009, the first album “Midnight Vawk In The Park,” was released on the Timetheory netlabel, using FM radio as a source. This began a three-part series involving radio. The Bleak release is the second part, using AM radio, “More Culture Than A Pint Of Probiotics.” The third part is by far the most ambitious of the three, and will likely involve some serious hardware hacking to get at some of the more obscure frequencies in the radio range and should see release on Control Valve.

In 2011, a side project, The ERNIE 4, was began with Timetheory head honcho, Jon 7. They played their first show 16 April 2011, opening for Crank Sturgeon and Matt Taggart at the New Zone Gallery in Eugene, OR.

With the advent of The ERNIE 4’s appearance at the New Zone for the 2011 Eugene Noise Fest on 12 November 2011, and to keep with in the nature of free culture, the Brownian Motion/ERNIE 4 toolbox has been completely reconfigured with a donated and recycled ThinkPad, and a host of free software like Lubuntu, JACK, Jack-Rack, FreqTweak, and PureData. No more VSTs or AUs, either. Free at last, Lord, we’re free (as in both speech and beer) at last!