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Artist: Bioxid
Title:Snuff Movie Soundtracks
Media: audio
release status: available

Snuff Movie Soundtracks is the result of a project of Barcelona based Sergi Puertas under the name of Bioxid, recorded around 10 years ago, but got stuck in the mind of the creator for some good reasons.

Improvising with guitar, bass and synths around dark ambient, experimental soundscapes, Sergi extends his creative work – he is also writing poetry and novels.

Snuff Movie Soundtrack is the result of a three month creative process in the year 2000.

Sergi got signed by a record label, and his latest CD with Josep Maria Bea is called “La Esfera Cubica”.
His latest activities include composition of soundtracks for documentaries, on piano, acoustic guitars and string quartets.

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