bleak041 – weinberger – dead man

Artist: weinberger
Title: dead man
1. full release (flac) (zip)
2. full release (mp3) (zip)
3. 01. Boredom (mp3)
4. 02. Dead Man (mp3)
5. 03. Desperate Father (mp3)
6. 04. Drag (mp3)
7. 05. Love (mp3)
8. 06. Misery (mp3)
9. 07. Natural Urge (mp3)
10. 08. Playground (mp3)

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Artist: weinberger
Title:dead man
Media: audio
release status: available

Johannes Weinberger was born in 1975 and has been living in Vienna/Austria since year 2000. As a writer, he has published about ten books at the “literaturverlag luftschacht”, and as musician he also works in the experimental duo “2tired2fail”, a debut album release is imminent.

His solo project “Weinberger” is as obscure as some of his poetry, greatly influenced by electro accoustic music and noise.

artist link:
weinberger on soundcloud

Artwork / vocals on “Love”: Catherine Lanzoni