bleak014 – Gothick – Convokation Ov Ra-Hoor-Khuit

Artist: Gothick
Title: Convokation Ov Ra-Hoor-Khuit
1. full release (flac / full quality) (zip / flac)
2. full release (ogg encoded) (zip / ogg)
3. full release (mp3 encoded) (zip / mp3)
4. 01. Aleph A’ayin Mem (mp3)
5. 02. Eyes Ov Ra-Hoor-Khuit (mp3)
6. 03. I Am A Hawk (Talking Revolution) (mp3)
7. 04. Ordeal X (mp3)
8. 05. Daath Cartographies (mp3)
9. 06. Lord Of The Aeon (mp3)
10. 07. Thee Apocalypse Working (mp3)
11. 08. 3-5-3 (mp3)
12. 09. There Is No Law (mp3)
13. 10. Babalon Beware (mp3)
14. 11. Abrahadabra Magick (mp3)

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Artist: Gothick
Title:Convokation Ov Ra-Hoor-Khuit
Media: audio
release status: available

bleak wishes you a happy solstice!

Gothick is a British industrial/experimental/rock band founded by Sean Woodward in 1999.
Gothick are influenced by the work of Aleister Crowley and the culture of Thelema (hence the spellling with a K) and creates songs in traditional as well as ambient and soundscape formats.

Convokation Ov Ra-Hoor-Khuit is the third and final part of the NU-HAD-RA trilogy, based upon Aleister Crowley’s Liber Legis.

Part I, Invokation Ov Nuit, was released on Amduscias Records, and can be downloaded here.

Part II, Evokation Ov Hadit, was released on Delta Wave Underground, find it via myspace.

artist links:
Gothick home
Gothick on myspace