bleak063 – Cultural Amnesia – Super Whippy

Artist: Cultural Amnesia
Title: Super Whippy

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CA have always made instrumental music, but SUPER WHIPPY is their first completely instrumental album. Comprising 15 compact tracks, postpunk, industrial, progressive and art rock, psychedelia, exotica, ambient, 90s and 2000s electronica – warp and cavort in the genre-blending kaleidoscope, the carousel, the confection that is SUPER WHIPPY.

The release includes a video for the track ‘Prod Butt Prod’ and a booklet.

Also available on Bleak, the albums BAD MEDITATION (2015) and THIS IS NOT YOUR SHAPE (2011), and four EPs: LAMENTS (2016), AGILE BUSINESS PRACTICES (2016), RING THE HUNGRY BELL (2016), STILL HUNGRY (2015).

Coming next from CA on Bleak, an EP of previously unreleased 2000s material: ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT THE LEPERS.



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