bleak028 – Various Artists – Araneum O.S.T.

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Artist: Various Artists
Title:Araneum O.S.T.
Media: audio
release status: available

This is a co-release with our friends at Dark:Scene (D:S), the main dark/obscure netlabel from Serbia. Araneum is a movie the D:S mastermind Mihajlo Obrenov created, a post-apocalyptic drama located in a near future. War survivors live in a rusty old building, without light. The protagonist, Adam, is one of the young boys there, hungry for the outside world and his inner self.
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This album is the soundtrack for a movie directed by Serbian based Mihajlo Obrenov, who is also a very active musician and artist. Obrenov runs the Dark:Scene label and community (, which provides underground music from the former yugoslavian countries (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro).
The soundtrack comes from some of the most interesting bands, of which surely there will be heard more in the next year – the underground music scene in these regions is extremely vivid and diverse.
This is the second re-release from a D:S album, and Bleak is very proud to be granted permission to have it released.
Bands like Tamerlan, MRT, Third I, Erekta or Youth A.D. created soundscapes and drones, songs and audio journeys, which perfectly fit into the atmosphere of the movie.
Obrenov, also lead singer of his band, dreDDup, has created a couple of films and videos already, we hope there will be more to see from him.