bleak043 – Josef Nadek – To Infect And Persist Vol. 3

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Artist: Josef Nadek
Title:To Infect And Persist Vol. 3
Media: audio
release status: available

We are very happy to have Josef Nadek back on Bleak, with the third part of his “To Infect And Persist” series, where compilation and rare tracks are compiled into one release.

Josef Nadek is one of the most interesting projects in the Noise genre these days – radical and uncompromising, but with a love for details. Josef Nadek creates ultra dark atmospheres, scaring and haunting tracks, with a broad range of sounds. The Austrian project is as mysterious as it is extreme.

Little to nothing is known about who is behind Josef Nadek, but as a total work of art, it shall remain mysterious here as well.

Bleak feels very much related to the art of Josef Nadek, artists like this are the reason why Bleak exists.

other releases by Josef Nadek:
[bleak016] – Mei Liab Isch Tot (2009)