bleak033 – Pure – Fever Dreams

Artist: Pure
Title: Fever Dreams
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Artist: Pure
Title:Fever Dreams
Media: audio
release status: unavailable

PURE has been creating electronic music under different monikers since 1992. Working in the darker and heavier domains of the sonic universe he creates hypnotic, soundtrack-like sound pieces using a mix of electro-acoustic composition, sound synthesis and live elctronics.

Since 2003 he co-develops and performs with the award-winning Heart Chamber Orchestra.
His latest album “Ification” was released on the portugese label Crónica. in 2010 he received his master degree in computer music from the University Of Plymouth.

Pure has over 30 physical and digital releases on different labels, like the renowned Mego label.
He has been one of the most important figures in early 90s Techno music, with his and Christopher Justs project ILSA GOLD, who paved the way for Rave culture.

Being heavily influenced by early Industrial acts, his works always show a sharp edge, and an uncompromising approach.
Currently he is involved in two new projects – one being BOLDER, together with Martin Maischein, the other one PRSZR with polish percussion duo HATI.

Fever Dreams contains of 3 pieces, created in the time between 2004 and 2007, “Icy Space” being a remix of a live show by Arturas Bumsteinas performed at the RIXC Media Art Center in Riga on August 5th 2004.