bleak003 – …for the hard of hearing – an evening of difficult music

Artist: …for the hard of hearing
Title: an evening of difficult music
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Artist: …for the hard of hearing
Title:an evening of difficult music
Media: event
release status: available

21.10.2007, 21:30h
info in german

this is not a physical release.

“….for the hard of hearing” – an evening of difficult music

….is an evening of bleak music in a viennese club, the schlawiner (1010 wien, elisabethstraße 13, 21:30h), where bleak’s own scrag! will present a set of peculiar, bleak and disturbing music.

some sounds like
a;grumh…, bourbonese qualk, cabaret voltaire, chris & cosey, coil, cti, current93, cyberaktif, dead can dance, death in june, delerium, diamanda galas, die form, dive, esplendor geometrico, fad gadget, foetus, in the nursery, laibach, mark stewart, non, ….

music that is supposed to make you feel uncomfortable.

accompanying this event, a minifanzine will be available for free, containing an attempt to describe and explain what the industrial genre is all about.

after that event, the fanzine will be available here.

we hope that some bleak artists and some of you listeners will join us there, so you will have the rare chance to spend an evening within a very special audience.

“easy listening for the hard of hearing” is the title of an album by frank tovey (a.k.a. fad gadget) and boyd rice (a.k.a. non).