Josef Nadek
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Josef Nadek is a Tyrol/Austria based industrial/experimental project. "Mei Liab Isch Tot" (engl. 'my dear one is dead') contains three recordings dealing with tyrolean mythology, wrapped around the incidence of a child's death. not only with its cover, 'Mei Liab Isch Tot' paints a mythical picture, and drags the listener into a world of upside-down tradition. after the title track, which builds a not so romantic atmosphere around the death of a child, the second part ('s`längnosate Weibele' - 'the long nosed woman') describes the child's apotheosis guided by the 'Gstampa', a mythical female character that cares for unchristened dead children. the last part ('Einkehr zua di Zwölften' - 'the return to the twelves') follows this mythical woman collecting sacrificial offerings. 'Mei Liab Isch Tot' is a short, but extremely intense album, and a benign salute to tyrolean mythology. visit Josef Nadek on MySpace
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