Fear Incorporated
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Fear Incorporated - Cloak And Dagger

10-track album (CD in special case)

Fear Incorporated formed in 2008.
Since then 3 albums a single and an EP have been released through various European record labels.

The debut album 'Sawney's Cave' was voted Mick Mercer's top album of 2011. The second album 'Phobos' reached number 14 in the European Alternative Charts in 2013 and stayed in the top 30 for nearly 3 months.
The third album 'Dark Carnival' sold out on its pressing and was a limited edition.
An EP is released Halloween 2015 'Sweeney Todd' from the forthcoming 'Cloak And Dagger' album Fear Incorporated have appeared also on several CD compilations and digital downloads and videos for some of the tracks have been featured on DVD.

The line up from Fear Incorporated has included members of the Sex Gang Children,Demented Are Go,Voodoo Bible and Exit Strategy.

William Westwater and Berywn Waddon are currently working on an album also with Dave Id Busaras from the Virgin Prunes which will be released in future.

CD in special DVD case
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Cultural Amnesia
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Free audio release in MP3 and FLAC formats

CA’s new EP comprises four tracks recorded 2015. The release includes a video for each track and a booklet. Also available on Bleak, the albums Bad Meditation (2015) and This Is Not Your Shape (2011), and three EPs: Agile Business Practices (2016), Ring The Hungry Bell (2016), Still Hungry (2015).


Download (contains four-track album, four videos, booklet):

[bleak059] - Cultural Amnesia - Laments - FLAC

[bleak059] - Cultural Amnesia - Laments - MP3

Video playlist for Lament I - IV:

Stream audio (lower quality):


Lament I:
Lament II:
Lament III:
Lament IV:

Cultural Amnesia
[bleak058] / free
Free audio release in MP3 and FLAC formats

CA’s new EP comprises four tracks recorded 2013/14. The release includes two videos and a booklet.

Also available on Bleak, the albums Bad Meditation (2015), This Is Not Your Shape (2011) and two EPs of 1982/3 material, Ring The Hungry Bell (2016), Still Hungry (2015).

Cultural Amnesia on Facebook 
Official Website

Download as FLAC

Download as MP3

Stream/listen in preview quality:

01. Core Values:
02. Eschatologyology:
03. On The Rocks:
04. Baby Cheese:

Durán Vázquez
[bleak062] / free
Free audio release in MP3 and FLAC formats

Radio Pulso by Durán Vázquez is a compilation of tracks previously released in other versions.

Born in Vigo on 1979, Durán Vázquez started recording at the beginning of 1998, using self-taught methods and without prior musical formation. His work is mainly focused on audio creation, radio-art and live performances. 
Occasionally he composed pieces for cinema, sound-art contests, audio collaborations and his own video-art productions.

2 Between 2009 and 2010 he released the fortnightly radio program 'Radio Mil Colinas' for Rádio Zero (Portugal) and Radio FilispiM (Galicia), and eventually also the Spanish version for Radio Rakumin (Venezuela) on 2012.

He played at festivals of electronic/experimental music like Sónar (Barcelona 2004); LEM (Barcelona 2004); Experimentaclub (Madrid 2008); MEM (Bilbao 2008); In Sonora (Madrid 2009); RadiaLx (Lisbon 2010); Vigotransforma (Vigo 2010); ZarataFest (Pontevedra 2012). 
Other important live performances were at Contemporary Art Museum (Vigo 2003 and 2007); Fine Arts Faculty (Pontevedra 2005); Spanish Cultural Center (Montevideo 2007); Cervantes Institute (Berlin 2008); Goethe-Institut (Lisbon 2010); Vigosónico (Vigo 2011). 

Durán also played at sound-art events like Concerts at LIMb0 (Modern Art Museum - Buenos Aires 2007); ArtEx Sonora showcase (Contemporary Art Museum Unión Fenosa - A Coruña 2008); Ciclo Vibra (Valencia 2009); Natal dos Experimentais (Passos Manuel auditorium - Porto 2009)

Stream Track 1 - Ionosférica Climática Militar-Indubstrial


Full release (FLAC)

Full release (MP3)

Cultural Amnesia
[bleak056] / free
Free audio release in MP3 and FLAC formats

Ring The Hungry Bell comprises four tracks recorded 1982/3. They are taken from the double album of 1980s material Press My Hungry Button, now available at CA’s Bandcamp.
The EP comes with a video for the track ‘Hot in the house’, written for CA by John Balance. The video features mailart and other images by Balance.
An EP of new material, Agile Business Practices, will be out on Bleak very shortly.

Also available on Bleak: Bad Meditation (2015), Still Hungry (2015), This Is Not Your Shape (2011).

Download as FLAC

Download as MP3





Expose Your Eyes
[bleak061] / free
Free audio release in MP3 and FLAC formats

Third Age Of Desire is a collection of tracks previously released.

Paul Harrison has been making sounds in one form or another since the mid-1980s - coming into focus in the early 1990s as his main, long-term project Expose Your Eyes (which fell into a lengthy hiatus during the 2000s, but in recent years is back with full force).
Together with his partner (and fellow soundmaker), Candi Nook, he used to run Fiend Recordings label and they have both been members of the notorious noisemaking circus Smell & Quim.
He has collaborated with many other musicians over the years but now, apart from contributions to some forthcoming S&Q stuff, is ploughing most of his energies into his own personal psychedelic powerhouse.

You will find the latest Expose Your Eyes sounds (and a great selection of Fiend Recordings archive material by a wide variety of people) at: https://eyefiend.bandcamp.com/


Third Age Of Desire (FLAC, 338MB)

Third Age Of Desire (MP3, 134MB)

Video for It's You

Cultural Amnesia
[bleak055] / free
Free audio release in MP3 and FLAC formats

Bad Meditation is the first album from Cultural Amnesia since 2011’s This Is Not Your Shape (also on Bleak). But the band have been busy and Bad Meditation is the first of a series of four releases of new material to come over the next few months – all on Bleak!

As listeners know, CA were first active at the start of the 1980s, emerging at the end of early industrial music and the beginning of postindustrial, amidst the rise of electronic music and the adventurousness and energy of postpunk. There’s no doubt that there is continuity between their 1980s output and the new material. The personality of the band remains the same. But this personality is one that does not identify with any one genre and has no interest in retreading old ground (although amongst the new recordings there are occasional lyrical and musical quotations from their former selves, and also a couple of tracks that incorporate loops or backing tracks recorded in the 80s). In fact with regard to their early milieu and the cassette scene of which they were a part, it seems exactly its spirit of creative freedom and experimentation that CA continue to pursue.

Along with Bad Meditation, Bleak is also releasing Still Hungry, an EP of 1980s material. It was first released on vinyl by VOD Records in 2007 in an edition limited to 250 copies. Three of the four tracks were previously unreleased. Included is a version of ‘Scars for E’, one of the songs written for them by CA’s friend and mentor John Balance. This is the first electronic release of the EP. 

Both releases come with a lyrics booklet, and there is a video for each – only the second and third official videos from the band (the first accompanied This Is Not Your Shape).


Bad Meditation (FLAC) ~450MB

Bad Meditation (MP3) ~100MB


[...] The artiness to the words and sounds, steeped in art rock and post-punk electronics, which was often subsumed by the lo-fi quality of the earlier recordings is prevalent onBad Meditation. The influence of This Heat, Cabaret Voltaire and early Human League is easily detected here, given a polished, contemporary sheen that allows their desire for experimentation to come to the fore on the warped pop sensibility of these songs. Bad Meditation, the first of four new albums to be released by Bleak, is a wonderful introduction to the new works of Cultural Amnesia. [...]
Compulsion Online - full review


Cultural Amnesia
[bleak054] / free
Free audio release in MP3 and FLAC formats

Still Hungry is the re-release of an EP of 1980s material. It was first released on vinyl by VOD Records in 2007 in an edition limited to 250 copies. Three of the four tracks were previously unreleased. Included is a version of ‘Scars for E’, one of the songs written for them by CA’s friend and mentor John Balance. This is the first electronic release of the EP. Both Still Hungry and Bad Meditation (also out on Bleak) come with a lyrics booklet, and there is a video for each – only the second and third official videos from the band (the first accompanied This Is Not Your Shape).


Still Hungry (FLAC), ~ 100MB

Still Hungry (MP3), ~ 42MB

Fear Incorporated
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Free audio release in MP3 and FLAC formats

Bleak proudly presents "The Sweeney Todd E.P." by UK based act Fear Incorporated.

From the forthcoming 'Cloak And Dagger' album-Themed on vintage Victorian violence and villains such as Sweeney Todd,Burke And Hare amongst others and in dark gothic avant garde style.
Featuring William Westwater and Berwyn Waddon-from Voodoo Bible and Exit Strategy.



Fear Incorporated are a new Theatre Macabre-Avant Garde- Baroque 'n' Roll band from the UK.


An eclectic and dark approach to alternative music fusing different types of styles to portray a selection of stories which will feature elements of the macabre-real and unreal, past and present.

Fear Incorporated was formed by Cam Campbell formerly from the legendary death rock Gothic band 'Sex Gang Children' and William Westwater from Cyberpunk band 'Sensory Savage.' After a discussion on how to approach the project it was decided that the album themes would be based on Fearful subjects such as death, cannibalism, phobias, murder and other such noir material so the band was fittingly named 'Fear Incorporated'.

Sawney Bean was chosen as the first theme for the first Fear Incorporated album. He was a 16th century Scottish myth that was used to threaten young children who would not sleep at night. The story tells us he took to a cave with his wife where they captured, murdered and ate unsuspecting passers-by and travellers whilst bringing up a incestuous barbarous family of flesh eating lunatics.

A grizzly macabre tale indeed. A plethora of tracks were recorded for the album and then hand picked to make a chronological macabre musical album 'Sawney's Cave'. Blending Gothic, electronica, dark folk and theatre macabre the album is both diverse and original in it's making.

The album was recorded in two studios-one in Edinburgh and one in London. The Edinburgh studio 'Mandrake Studios' is owned by William Westwater.

Visit Fear Incorporated's official website at:

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt
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Free audio release in MP3 and FLAC formats

Back on Bleak, Berlin based Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt presents a new Accidental Guitar Sunburnt Soundscapes release, and marks a new beginning for the netlabel part of Bleak. We are very happy to have him back on Bleak, with "a ritual cleansing for the victims of terror".

Download as mp3: [bleak053 - mp3]

Download as FLAC: [bleak053 - flac]

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One of the longest active bands to emerge from the UK industrial scene of the late 70’s, Konstruktivists have spent more than three decades creating some of the most unique and challenging electronic music.
Founded in 1980 by Throbbing Gristle/Whitehouse associate Glenn Michael Wallis, the band has featured numerous musicians during the band’s existence, and ha soperated mainly as a duo for much of the past twenty years with Mahk Rumbae(Oppenheimer MkII / Ghost Actor).
‘Destiny Drive’ was written and recorded between 2013 and 2014, and is the fist Konstruktivists album to be released on vinyl since 1985’s ‘Glennascaul’. The album contains seven completely new songs, exciting and enthralling, pulsating in darkness, combining abstract, rhythmic electronics with Glenn’s unique, surrealistic vocals and lyrics.
It is also the first vinyl release on Bleak, a Vienna based label releasing experimental electronic music.

Artist: Konstruktivists
Title: Destiny Drive
Label: Bleak
Catalog No: DREICH001
Format: LP (Red vinyl 300 copies)
Digital Download
Release date:26th January 2015

  • A1 - Is This You?
  • A2 - Lone Groover
  • A3 - Persona Non Grata
  • B1 - In Orange
  • B2 - Static Automatic
  • B3 - Psykho Politics
  • B4 - All That You Are

[bleak050] / purchase

limited edition of 100 handnumbered copies, 2014
includes download code + 3 buttons

in 1993, a group of electronic troubadours set about writing and recording a tribute to their favourite band, Whitehouse. amongst them, ex-Whitehouse member Glenn Michael Wallis, founder of Industrial pioneers Konstruktivists, former stagehand for Throbbing Gristle. the recordings were given away with the book "Still Going Strong", a collection of interviews, reviews and newspaper snippets about Whitehouse and their legendary live actions.
created, edited and published by Mark Crumby's IMPULSE label, it has become a massively sought after collector's item. the book, that is. not the tape. the tape never got the attention it deserves, and everything around it seems to be embarrassing for the involved persons.
it took 20 years to unveil the mysteries to it, to identify the names and persons behind this labour of love. while considered a parody by many, including William Bennett, we feel that this highly underrated work by dedicated artists should be brought to a new generation of Power Electronic kids.

together with our friends [aufnahme+wiedergabe] we're going to re-release this tape now.

Fire To The Stars
[bleak052] / free
Free audio release in MP3 and FLAC formats
Fire From The Stars is a collaboration project of six musicians, partly from Melbourne, partly from Stockholm. And six is also the number of tracks on their new release on Bleak. Fire To The Stars is where heavily distorted walls of sound surrender to dreamlike melodies and candyfloss vocals - call it Shoegaze, call it Dream Pop - they are all and nothing of that. Fire To The Stars is where Lisa Gerrard, Birds Of Passage, My Bloody Valentine, Mazzy Star and Slowdive hang out to have a good time.
Borstal Boy
[bleak051] / free
Free audio release in MP3 and FLAC formats

Borstal Boy aka Peter McNestry is an experimental sound artist based out of Ontario Canada.
He likes to explore visceral soundscapes that touch on subjects as dystopian society, nostalgic youth and psychedelic experiences. Peter has released an E.P. entitled "Perspectives From The Medicine Cabinet" out on Deep Lake Records and Haze Records. He has also released an album entitled "They Gave The Children Drugs" out on Misspelled Records Australia. Peter has been published for his poetry with The Evergreen Review in New York City and Burner Magazine in Toronto, Canada.

Cover Art Photo Credit: The Damned Angel by Marvin Antonio. More amazing art and photography can be found at marvinantonio.com
Free audio release in MP3 and FLAC formats
Josef Nadek is back, with a special mini album for Samhain 2013 (or not). Enjoy three highly disturbing tracks!
[bleak048a] / free
Free audio release in MP3 and FLAC formats
The sister release to bleak048 by ANNA//AMBIENT. Its our expressions of feelings thru music. All tracks were recorded by using an acoustic piano. Plus, there's no additional instrument during the recording & all are purely piano sound. The backmasking technique that we used is one of our way to produce a distinguished sound. Arts of backmasking is always mesmerized us & we used it as our music identity as well.
[bleak048] / free
Free audio release in MP3 and FLAC formats
The sister release to bleak048a. An ambient, dronescape sounds that inspired by our daily lives. Our inspiration gained sometimes in the middle of the night & that is why tracks like '3 A.M.' was recorded based on the mood & surroundings at that time.'An Evening In Shanghai ' was inspired during our travel to Shanghai last year while listening to the beautiful sounds of 'erhu'. Take a moment listen to our songs as we brings you close to your memory & mind.
[bleak047] / free
Free audio release in MP3 and FLAC formats
2tired2fail are the Austrian Experimental project of Johannes Weinberger (you may remember his Bleak release, "dead man", from last year) and Mario Sefelin. Everything about them is a bit strange, confusing and irritating. Their music does not help either categorizing them. Improvised songs, sometimes in rock fashion, sometimes electronic and noisy, with lyrics and vocals alternating between screaming frustration, rock/blues, and sometimes plain ... lunacy. Bleak is happy to present you their eponimously titled debut album with 15 tracks. There is a limited edition CDr version available as well, containing 2 bonus tracks. Watch out!
Helio Tampax
[bleak046] / free
Free audio release in MP3 and FLAC formats
HELIO TAMPAX is the project of Riga/Latvia based Edmunds Fridvalds, born in 1971, and known for his work as writer and his musical projects as Showinist or Darba Dienests. Influenced by punk and post punk aesthetics, he began his musical activities with many different projects in the early Nineties. After discovering electronic music and Industrial, he decided to rather stick to the electronic and experimental aspects of music, and visuals - being more interested in that as in punk rock music. So he started experimenting with electronics, keeping provocation subtle in sound, lyrics, artwork and live performances, working with visuals, symbols of pop culture etc. His process of creation is hermitic - Recording at home, with only little help of others, but a good portion of assitance by his wife, Angelica Fridvalde, who helps him recording synths and mouth harmonics, and also performs on stage at Helio Tampax live sets.
Ilegalne Emocije
[bleak045] / free
Free audio release in MP3 and FLAC formats
Tamara Dinka and Nikola aka Nitkov are two quite controversial individuals, who combine the non compatible components from their own fields of imagination in a domain of music, painting and comics. Attracted by mutual ideas and fascination obtained from the different genres in music, they’ve met and formed the band with the silly name Ilegalne Emocije ("Illegal Emotions") - they began to record in 2004. At first as an answer on of that time popular Electroclash music, not with the aim to caricature it, but with the truly devotion in accomplishing ideas in electronic, punk and pop music. Their music is pretty raw and analogue, connected with all mentioned genres, but again-by its subject and form very different. The lyrics are outermost philosophically naïve, frank, aroused under the influences of underground culture. On their concerts you can meet not only fans and friends, but very variable population, from punks and clubbers, to freaks and diplomats. They have been performing live from their early beginnings on, and they’ve been playing in clubs such as “Akademija”, “Kocka”, “Povetarac”, “Underworld”, “Parafin” , “Kulturni Centar GRAD”, "Flexipop dva", "Žica" in Belgrade, “Mocvara” in Zagreb, Museum Of Contemporary And Applied Arts “MAK” in Vienna, Wiener Festwochen Festival and "Fluc", "Feedback" in Niš, "Baš ku?a" in Subotica and also on the Exit festival in Novi Sad, Elektrana stage (2006, 2007). It is good to mention their split release with Margita Je Mrtva, “Six Sexy Songs”, in 2005., for the independent label Cold Trinity, collaboration with electrohardcore band Apparatchik, and also with electronic duo from Belgrade “G+Shame” (for the song “Midnight Express”), couple of compilations and music for the trash horror film “Klabirint”, directed by Alexandar Maricic. After 7 years, the band members extended their activities in two ways. Tamara is immersed as DJ DNKA in vienesse night life, while Nitkov has just released his first solo electropunk album "Ako ne prekineš, rizikuješ da ti se pridružim", and continues to work on his main "industrial pop" project Alone, and spoken word project Magma Trakt. And, who knows what will happen next. This is the reissue of their debut album from 2010, and we are very happy to have it out on Bleak.
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