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Wroclaw Industrial Festival - 10th Anniversary Compilation
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The Wroclaw Industrial Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary with more than 20 bands performing in some of the most beautiful venues. Almost all of them contributed to promote and celebrate this year's edition. Amongst them Thighpaulsandra, Clock DVA, Absolute Body Control, Minamata, Sieben, Thorofon, Geneviéve Pasquier and many many more. In the last years, Wroclaw has proven to be one of the most innovative and interesting festivals in the Industrial scene, especially because the selection of artists goes into so many diverse directions. Discover this year's line-up, and see you in Wroclaw - Nov. 10-13th 2011.

01. Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand - ...Of The Sounds From Hell 

02. Thorofon - Stunde Null (Live) 03. Skrol - Dei Irae II

04. GS - Untitled

05. kakofoNIKT - Untitled

06. Minamata - George W.TC

07. 7JK - Sieben Vs. Job Karma - Krau

08. Pete Hope's Exploding Mind - White Light

09. Astrid Monroe - Sunglasses

10. Absolute Body Control - Waving Hands

11. Clock DVA - Phase IV

12. Geneviéve Pasquier - Bouge (Live)

13. The Magic Carpathians Project - So Transparent

14. Fjernlys - Silence

15. Kaleka - Distance

16. Amber Asylum - Perfect Calm

17. Sieben - Jack In The Pulpit

18. Hybryds - Silence (Live)

19. Thighpaulsandra - The More I Know Men, The Better I Like Dogs

See you in Wroclaw!

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