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Why be Blake when you can be Bleak? - The Bleak Compilation
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"Why be Blake when you can be Bleak?" is a compilation featuring not only netlabel artists, but also contributions from renowned artists from the Industrial/Experimental genres, and plain legends from the early 80's Industrial scene.

The compilation strives to provide a "cause and effect" overview of Avantgarde art, especially from the viewpoint of Industrial/Experimental and Electronic music.

All artists have agreed to provide their tracks for free download, which is very uncommon these days, given the fact that non-mainstream artists probably suffer the most from illegal file sharing, and usually hesitate to give away albums for free.

The result is a download package in the size of a 3CD-compilation, containing early unreleased tracks as well as exclusive versions of new material.

The list of contributing artists is a mixture of Industrial dinosaurs and young or new obscure artists from all over the world.

Proving that original, or "old school" Industrial is still as influential and exciting as it has been since the very beginning in the late 70's and early 80's, The Bleak Compilation continues the tradition of compilations like "The Elephant Table Sampler", "Three Minute Symphony" or "Ohrenschrauben/Ohrensausen", presenting a mixture of difficult, at times disturbing and confusing music, totally apart from any mainstream intentions.

The painting on the cover is by Jonathan Canady, an american musician (Deathpile) and artist, whose work is so close to what Bleak stands for that we couldn't resist asking him, and we are happy he agreed!

The list of artists who agreed to contribute is nothing less than amazing:

Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, Konstruktivists, Attrition, Mushy, Cultural Amnesia, SLEEPCHAMBER, The On/Off Corporation, Wave Tank, John Zewizz, Perikomo, Josco, Das Fleisch, FRzO, MRT, Portion Control, The Altai Chamber Orchestra, Coil, Choronzon, r.A.C.K, Cultural Amnesia, Red Chamber, Bath feat. OROBL, 53, Nocturnal Emissions, Background Projection, Paluch Y, Josco, Critical Theatre, Pure, Josef Nadek, Job Karma, Firnwald, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Cezary Gapik, Stormhat, Dr. Nachtstrom

We hope that with this compilation we also draw attention to our own Bleak artists, who deserve to be presented to a wider audience.

Bleak would like to thank everyone involved.

No single track downloads, please download the complete album.

Here are the tracks:

cd1, 01 Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words (SWE) - Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows

cd1, 02 Konstruktivists (UK) - Thrice Is Just As Nice

cd1, 03 Attrition (UK) - The Internal Narrator (Alternate Version)

cd1, 04 Mushy (IT) - Le Ultime Ore

cd1, 05 Cultural Amnesia (UK) - Little Blue Grains

cd1, 06 SLEEPCHAMBER (USA) - Into The Crypt (Alternate Version)

cd1, 07 The On/Off Corporation (FR/AT) - Think Dark

cd1, 08 Wave Tank (GR) - Let's Go (Get Cruel)

cd1, 09 John Zewizz (USA) - 2012 (Inner-X-Musick Mix)

cd1, 10 Perikomo (UK) - Keskitalvi

cd1, 11 Josco (IRL) - Proboszczewice

cd1, 12 Das Fleisch (AT) - The Final Beauty

cd1, 13 FRzO (NOR) - Sinkhole

cd1, 14 MRT (SRB) - Forest

cd1, 15 Portion Control (UK) - Sex Drive

cd1, 16 The Altai Chamber Orchestra (AT) - Law (International Audio Losers Version)

cd2, 01 Coil (UK) - Manifesto

cd2, 02 Choronzon (USA) - Formula

cd2, 03 r.A.C.K (AT) - We Will All Be Pvnished

cd2, 04 Cultural Amnesia (UK) - Brand New Day

cd2, 05 Red Chamber (AT) - Coming Forth By Night

cd2, 06 Bath feat. OROBL (USA) - Pooled OX

cd2, 07 53 (AT) - The Art Of Self Deceit

cd2, 08 Nocturnal Emissions (UK) - Revolutionary Industrial Trance

cd2, 09 Background Projection (GR) - Labioveral Ectoplasm

cd2, 10 Paluch Y (AT) - Maldoror Is Ded Ded Ded (Live)

cd2, 11 Josco (IRL) - Denial/Realisation

cd2, 12 Critical Theatre (USA) - Robot Flesh

cd2, 13 Pure (AT/GER) - Mladost

cd3, 01 Josef Nadek (AT) - Carrion Angel, Sing Me A Song

cd3, 02 Job Karma (PL) - Hydroxizinum City 2

cd3, 03 Firnwald (GER) - Invasion (Remix)

cd3, 04 Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt (USA/GER) - The Benefits Of Being A Burrnesha

cd3, 05 Cezary Gapik (PL) - #466

cd3, 06 Stormhat (DK) - I Den Polykrome Grusgrav

cd3, 07 Dr. Nachtstrom (AT) - The Second Coming

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