Florence Foster Fan Club live at AU (bleak: Promoter & DJ Set)
Date: 2013-04-20
Venue: AU
Promoter: Bleak
Florence Foster Fan Club live at AU
Live: Florence Foster Fan Club (Cro)
(Synth / Dark Body Pop)

before/after: DJ Scrag!
(New + Synth Wave / Post Punk / Alternative Electronica)

Florence Foster Fan Club came to light straight from the darkest nightmares on reanimation of lost technological anti-utopia. All the worse things that emerged out of the post-industrial civilisation are nowadays in full glow. FFFC are here to smear this with their sound of synthesizers and rhythm machines. This is electronic vocal dark-body-pop duo for proto-apocalyptic era. Besides Romance Moderne and Wave Records, FFFC released on Enfant Terrible and Diggarama. Their second CD album 'Asymmertic' was released in October 2012 for Wave Records.


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