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Fear Incorporated - Cloak And Dagger

10-track album (CD in special case)

Fear Incorporated formed in 2008.
Since then 3 albums a single and an EP have been released through various European record labels.

The debut album 'Sawney's Cave' was voted Mick Mercer's top album of 2011. The second album 'Phobos' reached number 14 in the European Alternative Charts in 2013 and stayed in the top 30 for nearly 3 months.
The third album 'Dark Carnival' sold out on its pressing and was a limited edition.
An EP is released Halloween 2015 'Sweeney Todd' from the forthcoming 'Cloak And Dagger' album Fear Incorporated have appeared also on several CD compilations and digital downloads and videos for some of the tracks have been featured on DVD.

The line up from Fear Incorporated has included members of the Sex Gang Children,Demented Are Go,Voodoo Bible and Exit Strategy.

William Westwater and Berywn Waddon are currently working on an album also with Dave Id Busaras from the Virgin Prunes which will be released in future.

CD in special DVD case
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Fear Incorporated
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Bleak proudly presents "The Sweeney Todd E.P." by UK based act Fear Incorporated.

From the forthcoming 'Cloak And Dagger' album-Themed on vintage Victorian violence and villains such as Sweeney Todd,Burke And Hare amongst others and in dark gothic avant garde style.
Featuring William Westwater and Berwyn Waddon-from Voodoo Bible and Exit Strategy.



Fear Incorporated are a new Theatre Macabre-Avant Garde- Baroque 'n' Roll band from the UK.


An eclectic and dark approach to alternative music fusing different types of styles to portray a selection of stories which will feature elements of the macabre-real and unreal, past and present.

Fear Incorporated was formed by Cam Campbell formerly from the legendary death rock Gothic band 'Sex Gang Children' and William Westwater from Cyberpunk band 'Sensory Savage.' After a discussion on how to approach the project it was decided that the album themes would be based on Fearful subjects such as death, cannibalism, phobias, murder and other such noir material so the band was fittingly named 'Fear Incorporated'.

Sawney Bean was chosen as the first theme for the first Fear Incorporated album. He was a 16th century Scottish myth that was used to threaten young children who would not sleep at night. The story tells us he took to a cave with his wife where they captured, murdered and ate unsuspecting passers-by and travellers whilst bringing up a incestuous barbarous family of flesh eating lunatics.

A grizzly macabre tale indeed. A plethora of tracks were recorded for the album and then hand picked to make a chronological macabre musical album 'Sawney's Cave'. Blending Gothic, electronica, dark folk and theatre macabre the album is both diverse and original in it's making.

The album was recorded in two studios-one in Edinburgh and one in London. The Edinburgh studio 'Mandrake Studios' is owned by William Westwater.

Visit Fear Incorporated's official website at:

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