Dague de Miséricorde
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Roulette Rousse by Dague De Misericorde 4 improvisations recorded the 4th of November 2006 __________________________________ About Dague de miséricorde... Dague de miséricorde is Aurore Dudevant (clarinet) + Philippe Zulaica (violin) We are also known as Drone and Forces Mobiles. We improvise without any predefined rule or structure. We try to create minimal / basic / repetitive compositions. So constrating mistakes and accidents become events. Silence is one of our instrument. We play together once a week since 2005. During one hour we improvise a strange and crashing conversation between us. __________________________________ Links to videos where you can watch us playing (with Rodolphe Gissinger, violin): link link link __________________________________ Previous releases: Noir de Monde link Noapte Buna link La flaque aux chiens link __________________________________ More info about us and our work: link Our netlabel dedicated to improvised music: link

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