Bleak is a label for experimental, industrial and electronic music, based in Vienna / Austria.


You can contact us via mail, please use info @
We do our best to get back to you within a day.

If you contact us (e.g. for demos, which are always welcome), please consider the following:

  • You sure do have a name, even though you might want to remain as mysterious and magical as you certainly deserve to be treated, but we are working professionally, and we all have names here, let us call you by your name please.
  • If you send a demo, please send a few lines about the tracks, where you are from, your projects and some background information. Imagine we meet in a pub and want to get to know each other a bit.
  • If you don't receive an answer it might be because we didn't understand what you wanted to tell us. This happens all the time. We receive messages like "should I send a demo?". We can't answer such questions.
  • We are working with artists, and will not release music just because it's weird, strange or totally crazy
  • If you think your music fits with Bleak, you certainly have listened to what we usually release, did you?
  • Nonetheless: Do not be shy please! Just contact us, we are very friendly and nice, and we want to hear from you!


What is Bleak?

Bleak is both a netlabel (Bleak Netlabel) and a physical media label (Bleak).
Bleak also promotes events, mostly in Vienna / Austria.
Bleak was established in 2007.


Distribution inquiries are welcome. Please note that Bleak is not a company in legal or tax terms.

Why is Bleak now selling stuff?

While the netlabel still provides art for free, the idea to release vinyl, tapes and CDs/CDRs was born in the course of the release of Cultural Amnesia's "This Is Not Your Shape".
We've been working long and hard on the plan, and we are very happy that with Konstruktivists, our first vinyl release, we could start with friends.

How do I get tickets for Bleak events?
Event tickets can now be purchased via the Bleak Store, just add it to your shopping cart, check out, and bring the confirmation mail!

Bleak Events - so far....

Regular events:
1990-1992 room23 events / Vienna / Feucht & Fröhlich
1999-2001 room23 gothic sunday / Vienna / Schlawiner
1996-1999 room23 gothic sunday / Vienna / Café Concours
2009 Bleak Club + Bar Obskur (Concert + Clubbing, guest DJs like T. Thyssen, Ian P Christ, St. Mark, ...) at Viper Room Vienna
2010 Sin & Sacrifice I - III(series of events with guest DJs at the PI Club Vienna)
2010 Ohrenschrauben I - III (Industrial and difficult music at Fluc)

Single selected events:
21.08.2002 - Passion Plastique @ B72 (DJ Set)
24.08.2002 - The Ball @ Monastery (DJ Set)
01.02.2003 - The Ball (DJ Set)
24.06.2003 - Moon Music (DJ Set)
29.05.2004 - Helter Skelter (DJ Set)
09.06.2004 - Skinny Puppy - The Greater Wrong Of The Right (official release party), DJ Set
21.05.2005 - Sieben (live) @ The Monastery (DJ Set)
12.10.2005 - The Mission a.s.p. + Stereo Club (DJ Set)
08.07.2006 - The Ball (DJ Set)
19.01.2007 - The Ball (DJ Set)
22.06.2007 - The M.A.S.S. + Suicide Potion (DJ Set)
11.08.2007 - Dark Entries (DJ Set)
21.10.2007 - An evening of difficult music (bleak003, DJ Set)
08.03.2008 - Death Disco (DJ Set)
07.08.2008 - Cinema Strange live (DJ Set)
30.08.2008 - Closer! (DJ Set)
02.10.2008 - The Deadfly Ensemble (Promoter + DJ Set)
02.04.2009 - Gitane DeMone (Promoter + DJ Set)
22.04.2009 - Attrition, Legendary Pink Dots, Imprint (Promoter + DJ Set)
19.07.2009 - ... play the strangest sounds (DJ Set w/ Walter Robotka, Rhiz)
31.07.2009 - Bleak Club (Promoter + DJ Set)
11.09.2009 - Bleak Club (Promoter + DJ Set)
09.10.2009 - Nocturnal Emissions + Konstruktivists (Promoter + DJ Set)
13.11.2009 - Bleak Club (Promoter + DJ Set)
11.12.2009 - Bleak Club (Promoter + DJ Set)
08.01.2010 - Bleak Club (Promoter + DJ Set)
07.03.2010 - ... spielen die einzig wahre Musik (DJ Set w/ Walter Robotka, Rhiz)
24.04.2010 - Neonbeats (CD release part + concerts, Promoter + DJ Set)
22.05.2010 - Journey Through The Dark (Belgrade, DJ Set)
12.06.2010 - Sin & Sacrifice (Promoter + DJ Set)
26.07.2010 - Ohrenschrauben I (DJ Set)
29.07.2010 - Christ Vs. Warhol in Vienna (Promoter + DJ Set)
05.08.2010 - Neonbeats Bonus Tracks (Promoter + DJ Set)
13.09.2010 - Ohrenschrauben II (DJ Set)
29.09.2010 - live as Paluch Y at /slash Film Festival Vienna
10.11.2010 - Konstruktivists Live in Vienna (Promoter + DJ Set)
... more in the "events" section!


Bleak is operated by:
Bernhard Hansbauer, Vienna/Austria
... and friends and collaborators


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An item is purchased at the time you pay for it.
Please contact us for further questions!


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