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Bleak proudly presents:


Destiny Drive

out Feb. 2014 - red vinyl only - limited edition of 300- incl. booklet, fold-out poster, download code

All new material from the legendary Post-Industrial / Experimental / Electronic duo of Glenn Michael Wallis and Mahk Rumbae.


One of the longest active bands to emerge from the UK industrial scene of the late 70’s, Konstruktivists have spent more than three decades creating some of the most unique and challenging electronic music.

Founded in 1980 by Throbbing Gristle/Whitehouse associate Glenn Michael Wallis, the band has featured numerous musicians during the band’s existence, and has operated mainly as a duo for much of the past twenty years with Mahk Rumbae (Oppenheimer MkII / Ghost Actor).

‘Destiny Drive’ was written and recorded between 2013 and 2014, and is the fist Konstruktivists album to be released on vinyl since 1985’s ‘Glennascaul’.

The album contains seven completely new songs, exciting and enthralling, pulsating in darkness, combining abstract, rhythmic electronics with Glenn’s unique, surrealistic vocals and lyrics.

It is also the fist physical release on Bleak, a Vienna based label releasing experimental electronic music.


What a nice evening we spent at Vienna's Xi Bar.

Fetisch Park and Hiroshimabend were playing great sets, and a nice audience enjoyed them.

Our friends Klanggalerie are hosting the fantastic Fetisch Park in the beautiful Xi Bar in Vienna on Saturday Nov 29th. Ze Bleak will be taking care of the sound there, and most likely play a couple of superspecial tracks. You have been warned. Would be great to see you there, you shouldn't miss it. Support act is the great Hiroshimabend, very much looking forward to seeing both. Here's the facebook event link. And here's a video:
The Bleak / [aufnahme+wiedergabe] split reissue of the fantastic White Stained Covers tape is still on sale here, grab it while you can! Featuring parodies of Whitehouse tracks, this is undoubtedly one of the most arguable releases in the Power Electronics genre. Get it with three even more disputable buttons and a free download from the Bleak Store!
For tonight's show at the Rhiz (see below), presale of tickets is closed now. You can still get tickets from Jugendinfo/Soundbase, or simply at the doors (for € 11). See you tonight!
Presale tickets for the upcoming Bleak hosted event with The Devil & The Universe and Ghost Actor are available now from the Bleak Store!

If you are in Vienna, you can also get them from Jugendinfo: Soundbase
We have launched our web store!
For the time being, payments are not processed by the website, so after checkout we will send you a PayPal invoice or the details for the bank transfer.
New items will be available soon, for the existing items be quick, of some only one item is left ;-)
I was invited to play a set at Austria's alternative radio station fm4, you can hear my "Dirty Black Summer" mix for 7 more days here: 7 Tage fm4 Tracklist as follows: 01. Tropic of Cancer - The One Left / Mannequin (Label + Mailorder) 02. Job Karma - Blackout / Klanggalerie 03. YOUTH CODE - Carried Mask / Dais 04. The Soft Moon - Circles / Captured Tracks 05. COLD CAVE - A Little Death To Laugh / Heartworm Press 06. XTR HUMAN - Miller's Love / No Emb Blanc Records 07. Lebanon Hanover - Midnight Creature / [aufnahme + wiedergabe] 08. Trepaneringsritualen - Alone At A Cross Abyss / Cold Spring 09. M!R!M - Liebe Machen / Fabrika records 10. Cadaverous Condition - We Both Go Down Together / Starry 11. Wire - Two Minutes / Pinkflag 12. Agent Side Grinder - Die To Live / Enfant Terrible 13. Skywave - Over And Over / Blisscent 14. The Fall - Can Can Summer / Castle Music
We had a fantastic evening with Konstruktivists and Cantenac Dagar live at Vienna's Fluc. We hope to be able to present you some recordings here soon! Pictures by Bernhard / Bleak: Pictures by Silvia K.:
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